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Uncoilers & Straighteners

TEKFAB works diligently with our
customers to provide the most
affordable material handling
equipment in the industry.
Whether it is a simple unpowered
single mandrel pull-off reel
or an ultra-high speed double
mandrel uncoiler with all of the
bells and whistles, TEKFAB will
provide you options that best
meets your production needs.

Examples of uncoiler options are:
• Wedge style mandrel expansion
• Hydraulic or Manual expansion
• Hydraulic or Manual side shift
• Double and Single Mandrel turrets
• Hydraulic or Manual turret rotation
• Hydraulic or Manual Locking pin
• Hydraulically powered of AC
   motor with VFD powered take-off
• Pneumatically operated
   Drag Brakes
• Coil Keepers
• Ultrasonic Loop Controls
• Hydraulic or Pneumatic Over Arms
• Peeler Tables
• Coil Cars

With TEKFAB, you can be assured
that you will get the most rugged
design, at an affordable price.
Call us today for a quote.