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Parts & Service

TEKFAB'S top priority in Parts & Service is to ensure that our customers' needs are met with the accuracy and speed required to minimize downtime and control costs.


TEKFAB has the in-house capability to meet all customer needs, including preventative maintenance programs, machine auditing, machine rebuilding of either TEKFAB equipment or other companies' equipment, conversions and upgrades.


TEKFAB'S engineers are very adept at improving existing designs and incorporating them in rebuilds/retrofits to increase throughput and maximize efficiencies.


TEKFAB technicians are available on short notice for those downtime situations that require the TEKFAB expertise in metal punching and cutting equipment troubleshooting and repair.


Quick Changeover and Throughput Increase - A TEKFAB engineer can come to your facility and observe your existing equipment during production runs and offer suggestions and tips on how to improve machine efficiencies. In conjunction with that, the TEKFAB engineer can provide quotes for upgrades to eliminate potential bottlenecks and improve overall line efficiency.

TEKFAB maintains detailed records of all machines produced and can easily provide mechanical and electrical spare parts quotes for any part on a TEKFAB machine.


TEKFAB has a proven track record of providing replacement parts for those items that may be obsolete on an older piece of equipment, if provided with enough documentation to produce a budgetary quote for consideration.  This budgetary quote also helps the customer in determining if it is time to look at that upgrade or machine replacement.


TEKFAB has years of experience in delivering crucial parts to our customers within 24 hours to keep their lines running with minimum downtime.