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Punching & Stamping

With years of stamping and die design, as well as hydraulic systems experience, TEKFAB is a leader in the technology that can affect your bottom line. Piercing, lancing, forming or bossing presses and tooling have all been designed by TEKFAB engineers. We can offer stand-alone processes, die sets or individual components, or we can incorporate them into complete turnkey systems depending on your needs.


TEKFAB has designed progressive dies, compound dies, multi-axis components for light gauge or heavy gauge applications. Whether the application requires a lightweight press for flying or high cycle rate or high tonnage requirements with variable stroke and motion control, we again have the technology to make an impact on your production. Call us today to put our expertise and experience to work for you, now and for the future.


And finally, we make burrless tube punches, tube crimp processes and notch tooling.